Mr Utkilen talking to Mr Løchen about Earth Over Wind.
This weekend I shall be mainly talking about my moving images in Kristiansand.
Joern Utkilen will be participating at the Mirakelseminaret, Trondheim International Film Festival 27-28 May 2014. There he will talk. A lot. Apparently for almost thirty minutes. See, miracles can happen.
For those that are in Oslo tonight, a couple of films I made will screen:

Joern Utkilen will attend the Gothenburgh International Film Festival this year as part of Nordic Film Lab Discovery. There he will present a feature film project called LAKE OVER FIRE. The project is currently in development sponsored by the Norwegian Film Institute. The event will take place in BioPalatset theatre 9 on Friday 31 January at 10.30am.
The Norwegian Film Institute has  funded development of a film about the musical genius Arvid Sletta.  The film is funded through the "New Paths" scheme. A rather splendid scheme I may say. If you hold Norwegian reading skills, you can read all about it here:
This is a picture from my latest creation called Earth Over Wind . Perhaps you will get a chance to see it in 2014.  


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