Mr Utkilen talking to Mr Løchen about Earth Over Wind.
This weekend I shall be mainly talking about my moving images in Kristiansand.
Joern Utkilen will be participating at the Mirakelseminaret, Trondheim International Film Festival 27-28 May 2014. There he will talk. A lot. Apparently for almost thirty minutes. See, miracles can happen.
For those that are in Oslo tonight, a couple of films I made will screen:

Joern Utkilen will attend the Gothenburgh International Film Festival this year as part of Nordic Film Lab Discovery. There he will present a feature film project called LAKE OVER FIRE. The project is currently in development sponsored by the Norwegian Film Institute. The event will take place in BioPalatset theatre 9 on Friday 31 January at 10.30am.
The Norwegian Film Institute has  funded development of a film about the musical genius Arvid Sletta.  The film is funded through the "New Paths" scheme. A rather splendid scheme I may say. If you hold Norwegian reading skills, you can read all about it here:
This is a picture from my latest creation called Earth Over Wind . Perhaps you will get a chance to see it in 2014.  

In 2012



A couple more things happened in 2012 which we forgot to mention. 
Joern was awarded the Underground Spirit Award at Palic European Film Festival. Which he thoroughly enjoyed. 
WIND OVER LAKE received the Grand Prix at Fenetres Sur Courts. Which thrilled both Joern and Jeorge to the point where they both did not know what to do with themselves.

Joern is currently in post production with his first Norwegian language film. The film is called EARTH OVER WIND and has both sound and moving images in it. The film is funded through the Norwegian Film Institute's "New Paths" scheme.


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