This weekend Jeorge Elkin will mostly be at the Clermont-Ferrand short film festival where he will live, eat, sleep and watch a couple of films.
Both ASYLUM and WIND OVER LAKE has been selected for Minimalen. This is a short film festival in Trondheim, Norway. Both  Jeorge and myself hope to travel to Trondheim for the festival.
We hope to travel together. Because that is what we both like best. We are such good friends and therefore hate to be separated.

Jeorge asked me not to put up a picture of him. But I did it anyway.

_ASYLUM and WIND OVER LAKE plus loads of other films made by loads of other people selected for the wonderful Glasgow Short Film Festival which is run by some very wonderful people.
_My good friend Jeorge Elkin's film WIND OVER LAKE will screen at Clermont-Ferrand in the Lab competition.


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